Using Azure Resource Manager within Azure Automation

I am publishing here an extract of a post on MSDN Forums, about the utilization of Azure Resource Manager within Azure Automation.

The answer to the question asked in this post, given by Joe Levy, a Microsoft employee, is more important than the original thread. It may be a temporary solution, but also a long term one (if the ARM module will not be exposed by default in Azure Automation).

Here it is:

·        We do not ship the Azure Resource Manager module out of the box yet in Azure Automation like we do the Azure (AzureServiceManagement) module. We have done some limited testing on the ARM module in Azure Automation. If you would like to import this module yourself, here are the steps to get ARM set up in Azure Automation:
Step 1 – Create an Azure Automation Integration Module from the AzureResourceManager PowerShell module.
Navigate to the AzureResourceManager module within the Azure PowerShell directory on a host with Azure PowerShell installed.

Zip up the AzureResourceManager folder.
Step 2 – Import into Azure Automation
Importing this zip as an integration module into Azure Automation works fine as the below screenshots show:

Step 3 – Write a Runbook that uses AzureResourceManager functionality
Like you normally would, except no need to use Switch-AzureMode to switch between AzureServiceManagement and AzureResourceManager, as both AzureServiceManagement and AzureResourceManager modules are now in the PS path.

Thanks, Joe!

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